Precisely why are folks very pleased with acquiring chronic halitosis.

The secret of combating chronic bad breath or halitosis is to acknowledge the problem and treat the problem early. If you continue to stay in denial of your bad breath, there is simply a lot of social and self-esteem problems that you will need to face. Your terrible bad breath will not only make you embarrassed, the horrible smell of your breath will put off many people in your life. Your colleagues and friends may start to avoid you, or worse, gossip about how terrible your breath is behind your back. Your boss may think that you have no basic oral hygiene and will consider not giving you more career opportunities. You may even avoid all social scenes and almost quit your job.

In addition, your love life will go on the downhill as if you are single, you will confirm not be able to find one partner that will be willing to accept your terrible breath. On the other hand, if you are attached or even married, your remedies for bad breath significant other may choose not to be intimate with you as the smell of your horrible breath simply put them off. Your entire social circle is going to be destroyed if you continue to stay in denial of your halitosis condition.

Nevertheless, chronic bad breath or halitosis can be treated or even be get rid of completely. The sooner you acknowledge your terrible breath problem and starts to find bad breath remedies and bad breath cure, the better is the chance that you will be able to stop your bad breath totally.

As the saying goes,"Early detection is half the battle won". If you can detect your horrible breath problem and start treating it early, your halitosis condition will not get worse to the point that there is simply no going back.

TheraBreath's Starter Kit To Cure Bad Breath Totally

Adopting a holistic and results-proven approach, TheraBreath's Starter Kit System is extremely effective in stopping chronic bad breath or halitosis. TheraBreath's Starter Kit System is a complete breath refreshing based on research performed at the California Breath Clinics.

TheraBreath is a revolutionary premium oral care system created byDoctor Harold Katz at the California Breath Clinics. The exclusive, original formula went on the market in 1994 and has been used by over 1,000,000 people world wide to solve the problems of halitosis and unpleasant mouth taste. In that time, TheraBreath's original formula has gone through dozens of refinements, making it the most complete and effective solution to the embarrassing personal problem of halitosis.

Bad Breath or halitosis is caused by a group of Anaerobic Sulfur-Producing Bacteria which breed within the tongue's surface and throat. Under certain conditions, these bacteria initiate the production of the Volatile Sulfur Compounds found in halitosis and taste disorders. The main causes of halitosis is these volatile sulfur compounds found in the back of your tongue and your tonsils. Bad breath DOES NOT come from the digestive system, as some highly advertised products falsely claim. Clinical tests of Dr. Katzs' patients have repeatedly resulted in a complete elimination of over 98% of the Volatile Sulfur Compounds that cause bad breath within the mouth.

Since the introduction of TheraBreath products in 1994, no one has helped more people fight Halitosis than Dr. Katz -- tens of thousands have been successfully treated through his California Breath Clinics in the US and internationally, and over ONE MILLION PEOPLE worldwide have used his TheraBreath System formulas to eliminate Halitosis and regain their lost confidence.

Trust Only The Professionals

Together with the assurance of a qualified in-house team of dental/oral care specialists - not mere oral care consultants - you can safely and effectively find solutions to halitosis problems once and for all. This is what sets TheraBreath apart from the others.

You Can Fight Bad Breath Problems With Confidence!

What most people halitosis cure don't know (and this includes most medical and dental professionals), is that morning breath is not something that you have to live with.

The key is to find a way to stop the production of VSC's (volatile sulfur compounds) during the night as you are asleep. One method is to raise the production of saliva within the back of your throat and mouth during the night. Nonetheless, this method is very difficult to do, after all, you are soundly asleep! Furthermore, those of us who are mouth-breathers are drying out the back of our throats with each breath that we take throughout the night.

Hence, TheraBreath's Starter Kit System comes into place. The AktivOxigen Tablets that are included in the kit, helps to stop the production of volatile sulfur compounds by the bacteria that create morning breath and chronic halitosis. AktivOxigen Tablets are small, highly concentrated bad breath eliminators. They are an effective oral rinse that reached the deep recesses of the throat and tonsil area.

In addition, ThereBreath's Starter Kit System also include the Nasal-Sinus Drops. Nasal-Sinus Drops are potent drops you put in your nose that slowly trickle through your sinuses and down your throat destroying the bad breath bacteria on contact. It is extremely effective in getting rid of bad breath caused by your sinuses if you have a sinus problem.

On top of the above two POWERFUL bad breath eliminator tools, your TheraBreath's Starter Kit System will include all the followings:

3 bottles Oral Rinse, 2 tubes Toothpaste, 1 Tongue Scraper, 1 Toothbrush, One Extinguisher Spray, One bottle Nasal-Sinus Drops, Six rolls ZOX Mints, 2 AktivOxigen Tabs (+mixing bottle).

TheraBreath's products are a miracle! If you have suffered with halitosis for years, TheraBreath is extremely effective in helping you to get rid of your terrible breath.


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